Monitor Bandwidth & Traffic for Work


I recently started a contract role in IT for a small business that has roughly 150 employees across its 20 locations.

Due to employees reporting issues with streaming services/conferencing, they are looking for a solution to monitor bandwidth and traffic from each location to determine if they need to upgrade.

Earlier this year, the company and its locations went from a local workstation/system setup to a VDI solution. They have an MPLS network and route all traffic from the 19 locations through their headquarters office. In the event that the headquarters goes down, they have a DR/Backup site. All locations are using Cisco devices - with the exception of the headquarters and DR/Backup which have both Cisco and WatchGuard devices. Most of the locations don’t have more than a 10Mbs Up/Down line. I am still trying to learn the setup here but this is what I have gathered so far.

I have been tasked with seeing what options are out there and putting together a recommendation. Unfortunately, my experience with this is limited to simple tools provided by pfSense or a desktop app.

I would like it to be a free service and self-hosted, if possible. Optimally, it would have reporting and a historical data repository.

Based on my research, below are some options but I feel some of them are way more than what they need.

Security Onion
Logic Monitor
Solarwinds RTBM

Feedback/experiential advice on any of the above would be appreciated. Any other suggestions welcomed as well. Thanks!

As a Security Onion user I can say it’s an interesting siem tool and , but not really ideal as a traffic monitor. I would take a look at Zabbix as it does have that capability.