MoFi 4500, AT&T Broadband, pfSense and IPV6

I have been working on allowing LAN devices to access IPV6 on the internet but not having success. With the variety of ISP options I have not found a forum post or tutorial that fits my particular scenario.

I can see on the MoFi I am getting s IPV6 primary and a secondary. My struggle is with the IPV6 Prefix Delegation Size and how exactly to pass LAN DHCP client IPV6 traffic through the pfSense to the MoFi router.

The setup is LAN devices > network switch > pfSense LAN > pfSense WAN > MoFi 4500 > ISP. I am not going through a VPN for internet access. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have not done and don’t have any plans on doing anything with IPV6 anytime soon.

The mofi 4500 is a cellular modem/router. Do you have it in bridge mode (if available)?
My experience on AT&T wireless with a netgear cellular modem is that I only get a single IPV6 address (its a /64, actually, but not a true prefix delegation /60 or /56 like you get with cable or fiber ISP’s. Note that NAT is highly discouraged on ipv6, so fail over is strange. I use cellular as a backup only.
As a result, I have not successfully gotten cellular ipv6 addresses to my lan computers.

It is in bridge mode and your reply confirmed my suspicions about having a /64 prefix. I live in a rural area and cellular broadband is my only option apart from satellite. This was an experiment that I was not giving up on until I hit a brick wall, which it seems I have. Thanks for the input.