Modem recommendation

Does anyone have any recommendations for Modem’s under $200? I’m a young IT professional trying to learn networking. I am looking for DocSIS 3.1. I have Comcast Xfinity in Denver, CO.

Here is one I am looking at:

Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Before buying go to microcenter’s web site they carry a full line of the Motorola cable “modems”. By the way the term “modem” is marketing speak. Technically it is a bridge ethernet packets to the Docsis protocal. Also check with your provider some do not allow user provider equipment they do not have complete control over. Also some are not as up to date with the latest version of Docsis.

What do you need the modem for?

Modems generally dont help you learn networking. They simply give you internet from your ISP. Today’s “modems” are generally either a Gateway or Gateway/router combo, the latter most often provided by your ISP. Modems connect to telephone lines for DSL based internet or dialup if that is still a thing.

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Set up virtual box; load several servers. Then set up a dedicated DHCP server, mail server, and file server. Then start loading up different desktop OSs onto your network and set them up with static address. Then add PFsense to the mix.

Do research on what a DHCP server is for. You’ll be well on your way to understanding networking when you understand how that piece of equipment fits into the grand scheme of a network.

Yes, in some places DSL is still a thing and dial-up is still used in some circumstances rare but used.

I need a modem so I don’t have to pay $14/mo to rent one for a year when I can spend the same amount of money for one I can own. I am going to throw a Microtik firewall into the mix at some point as well.

So I went here:

I did find the SB8200 that I linked in my OP. I have Comcast Xfinity and they have this page here: which has the 8200 as well as other gateways.

I would go with the Motorola. Comcast only allows DOCSIS 3.1 if you are on their gigabit package. It’s also a good choice for future tier options to have the latest DOCSIS version. I have and love the Morotola MB8600 4port one with my Comcast gigabit internet.


The devices used by Comcast are manufactured by Aris. I have one not the lastest mod, feeding a pfsense box.

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