Modem > EdgeRouter 4 > PFSENSE

Hey everyone,

So I recently just got my first home lab setup:

15U server cabinet

  • EdgeRouter 4 & & WAN

  • Cisco SG300 24port poe

  • Cisco SG300 24port poe

  • HP Proliant Dl360 G6 ( HyperV 2016 DC) 192.168.20.XXX

  • HP Proliant Dl360 G6 ( HyperV 2016 DC) 192.168.20.XXX

  • HP Proliant Dl360 G6 ( HyperV 2016 DC) 192.168.20.XXX

So work just gave me 2 Sophos XG 310 Firewalls.
I reloaded one of them to PFSENSE and it works.

But I want to keep my Edgerouter in play ( This does network what my TV and etc on.
But I want to use the Sophos as well for my home lab on the ( subnet
I have googled and I still cant figure it out, I hope this make sense I’m new to this home lab stuff just 15 years old.


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For a router to route, it needs to have a different network on the WAN and LAN so it know where to go from and too. What you will need to do is “Double NAT” the setup so you can have the EdgeRoute -> pfsense router.

Congrats on setting up your first home lab. Now you should pick up a copy of Network+ study guide. You can find it as a digital copy online or buy it from a brick and mortar store as well on-line retailers such Amazon, too. It is an easy book to read and it will ensure that your learning with your new lab will proceed without too many unnecessary hiccups.



Thanks for everyone feedback, I might be over my head for just starting out. Does anyone know a good HomeLab step by steps guides / video’s. I was just trying to search to see is Lawrence Systems youtube guides about any home lab that starts from the bottom up and give us new folks a way to get into. Because I also don’t know how to really map out my network or etc. I always wanted a home lab and nice setup but maybe I need to step back and google stuff before setting anything up.

You might want to investigate vlans, you can then segment networks and do stuff. However, your switch needs to be able to handle vlans. You’ll be then able to keep your home network on one vlan then do your stuff on other vlans.

To give yourself a target you can look at setting up openVPN on pfsense, you’ll gain a lot of knowlege if you crack it.

Some folks have a tour of their setup on Youtube, look up LearnLinuxTV that guy did a tour recently.

I have a getting started with XCP-NG video and I have considered doing a longer getting started home lab video, but where to start is broad topic so I have not figured out the best way to present that in the video. But here is the XCP-NG one

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