Mobile Photo/Video BackUp Google Photos

Hi All, Ive currently got a Google Business account which i currently have uploading my photos and videos from my iPhone in original quality. Now i had originally set up where my wife was uploading to my account. The downside to this set up is that all pictures are in the same account. I have a few options available and was wondering if there is anymore or which method this forum would recommend:

1: Keep as Is
2: Use another account on my Buisness for her (Presume pay another monthly fee)
3: Use her own Google account and just set it up to upload high quality

Im leaning towards option 3 but im unsure on what the drop in quality could be
Shes only uploading from an iphone 6s 16gb at the moment so storage is an issue which is why the photos have to be uploaded. Whats peoples thoughts on the High Quality version?

For all my personal photos, I find the high quality to be adequate.