Mobile phone through pfsense

Can you somehow get my family’s cell phones to “go through Pfsesne” both to keep track of what they are surfing on and to get the phone through my vpn even if they are not in our WIFI but are on the mobile operator’s network.

So that the mobile gets encrypted traffic from my pfsesne.

You can download ovpn on your mobile but want all traffic to go through my pfsesne so you can log the traffic

No, if the traffic is not passing through pfsense, it can not see it.

I know but if you run a vpn tunnel from the phone through pfsesne

The issue I have seen with going openvpn from a 4g device is intermittent issues. It may or may work all the time since your IP changes. Also, your location changes, so you can be in your home, at work in the office, at the store, driving in your car, etc.
The reason that pfsense can monitor devices on the network is because they have a persistent connection, whether directly wired in or wireles. Not sure if Tom can attest to this, but just because you “can” vpn a device, doesn’t mean it should be.

Cisco has a VPN app for the phone, it is god awful crap. So, should you vpn your phone? No. Not at all. If you were really trying to monitor or limit access on a phone, try a MDM solution. Some have built in traffic reporting.

I use an app called Ovpn VPN Connect it is very stable.Can this work if the app in the mobile phone is stable

I use the app as well, its a nice app! i have ran into issues were the traffic will stop and i have to reconnect to the vpn to get it working again, i am thinking its due to phone hoping towers as mentioned by other users. if this is not your phone and your trying to monitor some other device it may frustrate the user.

After some tests, I succeeded with this so now I see how this works in the real world

@tned How has this been working out for you?

It has worked surprisingly well, no major problems.
The only thing you can complain about is if you restart the pfsesne or be the vpn tunnel then you have to reset the connection this does not happen automatically but it is not pfsesne which is the problem.

Have no problem with jumping between different mobile towers

That’s awesome! Thanks for your reply.

What kind of hardware are you using for your pfsense box? I’m curious what it takes to handle that.

My motherboard is asrock E3C226D2I
CPU Intel Core i3-4130 CPU
16 Gig Ram