Mobile Device Management (MDM) suggestions?

I’ve recently been offered a position at a startup. This startup is small with about 20 employees or so. Since they leverage IT to teach children robotics and science labs they are expanding at a rate that has become unsustainable.

They have ~ 30 IOS devices, 15 Windows and Apple machines but that’s looking to more than triple in the next couple of months to a year. They’ve just received 50 iPads and they are about to order 100 more laptops for lab use to build and program things sciency.

They’ve been plugging away at maintaining these devices manually one-by-one. If I get hired efficiencies will need to be put into place immediately or the project will drown.

Does Solarwinds facilitate inventory tracking, remote management, helpdesk ticketing, manage OS and antivirus updates, check security and update compliancy, software pushes, computer imaging, snapshots for lab systems, and iOS application pushes. Is this something that could be rolled out by leveraging a MSP since there won’t be enough resources to effectively implement something like this quickly?

Looking for any ideas.

Thanks for your time!

have a look at airwatch. Something we used to use in the medical field.

Can’t answer your Q, but maybe they should contact Louis Rossman & see if he can be their main go-to person for repairs on the Apple side. I’ms sure he will love what they’re doing & hopefully provide some sort of discount.

I take it they have a ‘lab’ where the kids come to learn and play? Maybe they could do a rent-to-own model for families who can’t afford the cost of a device upfront? I’m tryingt o think of ways they can expand , without having to play cat & mouse , in terms of constantly buying more and more tech for the kids to learn on VS the kids bringing their own devices.