Mobile Device Management (EMM,UEM)

i hope this question will fit this category.

I’m wondering if You are using in Your companies some sort of MDM ?
If yes, which one ? Airwatch/Intune/IBM, someting smaller ?
What are the funtions which You are using the most ?
What was the reasons to implement such type of solution in Your company environment ?


I’ve been working with ManageEngine for a little while. Its pretty straight forward and they have free tiers available. I’ve been testing on the On-Prem version.
I have used it to setup a work profile and manage work email connections.

I have used a few of them: MobileIron, IBM Maas 360, Apple Server (Profile Manager), etc.

Depending on you needs some may fit verses others
iPad only MDM

  • Maas360 over Mobile Iron: I felt that mobile iron was a huge time suck trying to get it configured and devices enrolled. The user management would have been great if the ADFS user sync was decent. But I spent too much time trying to get it to work as the sales folks had said it would work.

  • Apple Profile manager: Was great while it lasted. Over the last 6 years, Apple has killed off the server product and the open directory that made this work. Bringing this up only for educational knowledge. It was decent at handling things when it came to VPP and such, but it’s very much a thing of the past.


  • Kaseya VSA: They have an MDM component. Still, given the complexity and the beefiness of a server that you need to have if you were to run this in-house, it’s not worth the time or effort unless you have someone dedicated to getting that system up and running. SAAS offering from them may work better, but I would not count on it. However, if you need to manage Windows hosts, you might want to take a look at it if you can swing it. You can also support Linux & apple units but just be repaired to have an uphill with automation I would never recommend this platform.

  • Jamf Pro: If you need to support iOS & Apple’s macOS, go with this, its definitely been a powerhouse when it comes to managing the two OS environments. From my experience way better than Kaseya & Maas360. It’s worth getting the certification and spending the time to play with it if you can. It does not require as much horsepower as Kaseya does. Granted, VPP (I would assume any platform will encounter this) is a hot mess of issues, sometimes working and sometimes not.

  • Intune: Intune looks like it has gotten better over the years. I have not looked at it since it first launched. It might be worth looking at, but I would be more interested in hearing others’ experiences with it.


  • Pulseway: Has automation and a nice mobile app to manage desktops, but I have not had enough practice using it to see if it’s worth recommending to anyone.

  • SolarWinds: From what videos of Tom’s I’ve seen, it’s a decent platform. I had wanted to look into it but never got the chance.

I hope that helps somewhat look forward to seeing this thread continue.

Thanks for answers,

In Poland most mobile devices which are used in companies are Android devices, 90% of market, 10% is iOS (for board members etc.) Unfortunately, companies are buying Xiaomi and other weird (as a company devices) brands, IT departments are even not checking android enterprise recommended list or without tests so from time to time is hard to manage or enroll that devices :smiley:

I was using ManageEngine in cloud version, was not that bad. And free version is nice feature. not many vendors have that option in offer.

Never had chance to check Maas360, IBM’s Watson is interesting solution.

My teammates are using MobileIron (Ivanti), in on premise versions in some companies and i do not hear to many problems about that solution from them.

I was using JAMF and it is interesting solution but, support for only Apple devices sucks ;/ At the beginning when i needed trial they gave me cloud, read only version so test in that type of “environment” are not possible :smiley:

About Intune i cannot say good word unfortunately, “on paper” it has great possibilities but every time when i must configure it something is not working, for sure that should be first solution to test for companies which bought for any reason Microsoft 365 premium license, because they paid for that. A lot of Android Enterprise functions were “in test” last time when i was working with Intune.

Right now, i dealing with Blackberry, and smaller polish EMM vendor Proget.

Earlier i was working for ESET distribution channel with all their solutions. They still do not have cloud MDM server; they are not supporting well Android Enterprise (You could enroll devices as Fully managed, android enterprise work managed device but you did not have access to google play configuration).

Blackberry has a lot of options to configure and last time they bought Cylance, so they are more “into security” but on the other hand it is so slow and have high hardware requirements.

When were You using EMM/MDM solution did You focus on AV engine/ATP/MTD? Integrations for example with Zimperium, ESET/Kaspersky etc.?

What was most important for You, what was mostly expected options from EMM/MDM/UEM solutions?

Personally I am working with softpos – a business technology from the m4bank (Center of Corporative Technologies). It allows me and my merchants to use our mobile phones as if they were cash terminals.

In my business merchants are driving a car and going from one point of selling to another. So this technology fits very well in our work.

Financial operations are going smoothly and without any risk of being hacked or scammed by someone. Everything is protected with a high priority.

I hope my reply will be useful for you :3