Mobile 4g router for onsite visit

HI Guys.
I am doing a lot onsite visits and mostly I use my old NETGEAR Nighthawk M1.
This little fellow got build-in battery so I can have always in my bag and provide internet for all my devices during journey and also inside client.
This one also have Ethernet wire connection so in situation when “sxxx hit the fan” I can use like backup WAN connection for clients infrastructure.
This got a lots limitation:
lack of VPN.
no alternative open source firmware like ddwrt , OpenWRT/LEDE etc.
Ony one SIM card
external antena connection is useless

I am sure is better solution/device on market for that scenery like me. I do not care about battery build in what so ever.
What 4g mobile router on market is the best right now?
Thank you for any suggestions.

I have either used Cisco routers with a 4G card or Cradlepoint routers. In your case though maybe use the Netgear as an edge device and put a pfSense firewall behind it for the other services you require.