Missing folder in TrueNAS

I’m using TrueNAS-SCALE- now.
MB is ASRock Rack EPC621D8A with 64 Gigs of memory and an Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6138 CPU @ 2.00GHz 20 cores.
I have 20 6 TB drives in raidZ2 2x10 config.

I am very new to TrueNAS.
I lost access to my folder in windows and TrueNAS GUI / Shell.
Around the time I lost access, I was trying to setup an Ubuntu VM and moving files.
The folder in Windows Explorer shows empty.
The Storage tab in TrueNAS GUI still shows the space used.
In TrueNAS Shell the folder shows in the dir list.
When I try to cd to that folder I get ‘Permission denied’.
I reactivated my root password. With root I was able to use shell to access the folder. I created a new folder and moved some files there. That folder shows empty in Windows also. Now I’m unable to access the any of the share in Windows.

I think I know at least one issue. I had moved an .iso file to the Dataset Folder. The file is named ‘ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64 (1).iso’. I don’t think the space between ‘. . . amd64’ and ‘(1).iso’ is well liked.

Further information. I used this folder when trying to create the VM.

Sounds like you need to fix the permissions for that dataset, start by removing all permissions then add back the permission for the users that will be accessing the dataset.

I would do that under the Datasets GUI?

I get this in Shell.
I still haven’t found the way to change permissions in shell.

Set the permissions via the web interface.

I think you mean here?
‘/mnt/test/Ron’ is missing from here.

I got the share to work in Windows Explorer with ‘chmod a+x Ron’ :

This should have change the permissions to everyone. I still don’t know how the owner of the mnt/test/Ron changed from Ron to libvirt-qemu?
Also, ‘Ron’ is still missing from the Dataset page.

if Ron is missing it’s because Ron is not a dataset, but a folder under a dataset. You set the permission of the parent dataset that contain Ron.

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