Miracast receiver (sink) for Linux or other OS?

I’m going to ask on the off chance that anyone has found a good and hopefully simple solution. At work we have a class on making videos with your phone/tablet, in order to teach this class we need to be able to cast the screen, camera, etc. to a projector. School provides some weird app based connection to do this, but it doesn’t allow the camera or any apps to be shown. There is also no HDMI connections present.

So what I want to do is build a computer (linux probably) that can receive a screencast from an Android/iOS device, and connect by way of VGA to the projector. Yes I said it, VGA.

I did just order a device to receive, and a device to convert HDMI to VGA, but a back up would be nice. I have several little old Foxconn bookshelf computers around that have both VGA and HDMI outputs, plus have a WIFI connection (to network or direct as an AP).

I did run across Miraclecast GitHub - albfan/miraclecast: Connect external monitors to your system via Wifi-Display specification also known as Miracast but looking to see if there is an easier way. I’ve only barely started to scan the info on this software so no idea how well it works or how to even get it installed yet. Looks like it needs to be made from source.

I also have a Pi 3b+ and an Orange Pi, but those still have the HDMI issue.

Any help would be appreciated.