Mini PC for Remote Connection on Clients Network

Would like opinions on a decent Mini PC for use as a utility box to install on a client’s network. Primarily to have a dedicated machine I can remote into and have access to the internal network. Will need to run Windows. Currently no VPN, so I would use my RMM to connect to this box.

Previously I have used Intel NUCs mostly with i5, but sometimes they can be hard to get. Looking at other boxes (Beelink, Zotac, etc). I usually prefer to buy barebones kit and put in my own RAM/ & SSD, but many of these are already configured. Under $500 is typical price point.

Appreciate your feedback.

Why don’t use get something like this

Can usually find them cheap 2nd hand.

Thanks for the link. Just providing feedback, the model in that link now shows as discontinued:

So the link to alternate systems is: ThinkCentre Tiny Desktops | M Series Business PCs | Lenovo US | Lenovo US
Note: link above is different from the one on the button as that one takes me to a global page which is not US currency.

Oh yeah I know, I have that model personally. The small form factor and standard components makes it easy to setup. They have newer models too.