Mini PC for Hypervisor

Looking for recommendation on a mini PC with intel nics I can run as a low powered hypervisor.

Need more info.

What hypervisor,
How many virtual machines
What are applications are you going to be running

The Lenovo Tiny pc’s are pretty decent to run Proxmox without any issues.

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That’s the way I was leaning, micro sff instead of mini pc.

I’d look up the machine before buying to see how much memory can be installed, as that’s likely to be your main limitation. I’ve seen some new machines can have 64GB x 2 installed !

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Excellent thank you, I should be ok with 32GB

I ordered a X99 mb with E5-2670 v3 and 32GB ram. I plan to install proxmox 8 on two 1TB ssd’s (raid1). I will update after I get all the components and it’s up/running.

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I recently purchased a HP elitedesk 800 mini G9 with an i5 12500T processor. I have it fitted with 32 GB of memory and two 1TB NVMe drives in a zfs raid 1. I am running 4 VMs (wordpress, nextcloud, and two docker hosts-one internally facing, and one on an externally facing VLAN) plus two LXC containters (Tracks and Leantime). For docker containers I am running 3 cloudflare connectors, Uptime Kuma, Grocy, Dashy, Heimdall, Mealie, Portainer, and Watchtower. It runs a lot faster than e5-2690v3 server which has 128GB of memory. I am pretty pleased with it. I also have a 2.5GBE NIC in the FlexIO slot. A 10 GBE NIC is available but I passed on it as I don’t have the appropriate network for it.

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Thanks! Thats the direction I am leaning.

Hi Louie, can u forward the link to the flexio nic you purchased please (and the 10Gb nic you were considering), i was looking to create the same setup but with three of them in a cluster with shared storage via the second nic on all hosts. thanks

Sure thing

Here is the article that gave me the idea:

B&H has the best pricing on these that I have found
The 2.5GBE NICs are a little harder to find new. I bought mine on ebay (not this seller though)

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I use HP ProDesk 600 G3 Mini’s. It has the Intel I219LM Gigabit Network. I have 32GB of with (2) 16GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM’s, a 128G.B 2.5” SATA and a 2TB NMVe. I use them with ESX 8.0.2 with the ESX NMVe Community Driver from ESX 7.

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I know that Intel have left the building on mini-PC / NUCs but I, as I understand it, their kit is still pretty good. I was looking at their NUC12 and NUC13 devices the other day at around the £350 ($440) mark at

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I’ve been using an HP EliteDesk 805 G6 with an AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650GE and 64GB DDR4 RAM without issues. I have a 256GB NVME for the main OS and its VMs (OS - Proxmox, VMs - pfSense, TrueNAS) and a 4TB NVME for the drive to use on TrueNAS. the EliteDesk has the 1GbE onboard Intel NIC for TrueNAS (hooked into my router/AP) and the 2.5GbE Flex IO NIC for my WAN. I used a 2.5GbE USB network adapter for LAN (connected to my router/AP).

People say never use a USB Realtek Network adapter but I haven’t had any issues.