Mikrotik -> UDM-Pro

I’ve got a UDM-Pro in an office with a 4/4Gbps conenction, but the UDM-Pro is struggling to get more than 1Gbps each way. I’m keen to keep the UDM-Pro as the main gateway, as we have all our offices on Unifi. The ISP required VLAN 10 and PPPoE authentication.

Thoughts on using something like a Mikrotik CCR2004 to do the VLAN & PPPoE ISP requirements and handoff a simple ethernet connection to the UDM-Pro to try and improve throughput?

/ is that even possbile without double NAT etc.

Not clear on how that would improve the UDM-Pro performance, but we also don’t use MikroTik routers to know how well they work.

Fair enough; my assumption was that the UDM-Pro was choaking doing the PPP; but I could be totally wrong. That’s an untested assumption which I do need to test.

Have you double checked that your WAN hasn’t negotiated down to 1 Gbps instead of 10? It’s supposed to be able to do 3.5 Gbps with everything turned on.

Is it on the latest firmware?


and version 1.9.3 / 6.2.25.

We tried swap out the UDM-Pro for another unit set up again from scratch and we got the same speed tests:

But an alternative router was able to get 2.9Gbps.

We logged it with Unifi and were pointed to this unresolved issue: ‘UDM Throughput Degradation’

That sucks. I hope they get it sorted out soon. This reinforces my bias that Unifi routers aren’t ready for high demand usage yet. I hope they change my mind some day.

I’ve only used at UDM pro once so far. It worked for the use case since the client only needed internet to view the cameras.