MikroTik SXT LTE


I have a (problem) challenges with my MikroTik. I purchased SXT LTE for a while ago and have used it as modem-firewall-router. Now I just rebuild my home network and added Unifi USG to do firewall and routing.
What I was hoping to do is to set SXT into passthrough mode. I thought that my knowledge from home networking is okeish before I log into MikroTik. :grinning:

Now I have plenty of questions but two on the top are:

  1. What happened to the routing part of SXT when device is in passthrough mode? Is it still possible to someone from outside (internet) to get inside MikroTik settings?

  2. How an earth should passthrough be configured…

As far I have find out that:
1 I should remove ether1 from the bridge (Bridge -> Ports -> delete ether1)
2. Should set LTE apn to passthrough via ethernet 1 - I suppose that router MAC can also be added in here. (Interface List -> LTE -> LTE APNs -> default -> Passthrough:ethernet1 and Passthr MAC )
3. Reboot and that’s it.

I have done some reading and it says that in passthrough I would lose admin connection via Port1. I suppose, that Port2 is still available, but I need install another ethernet cable to do maintenance.

I have to admit that I don’t know what to think about MikroTik community. If someone asks something on the forum the usual answer is read the wiki or use the search. Using search brings up another thread that suggested to read the wiki. :grinning:

And sorry about my grammar. My finnish is much more fluent. :+1: