Mikrotik Switch running ZeroTier as VPN into home LAN

Hi, I purchased a MikroTik SPF+ switch and see that ZeroTier has been added to RouterOS.

My initial use case for the switch was to expand the number of SPF+ ports in my network, but now that I can run ZT on the switch, I wonder if it is possible to use it as a VPN device into my LAN.

I’ve seen a few posts and video that suggest this is possible, but have not found any instructions on how to do it. I think the steps are enable ZT on the switch. This will create a ZT interface. Then bridge the ZT interface with the rest of the ports on the switch. Does that sound about right? Do I need any forwarding rules? Has anyone tried this and willing to share their experience?

Thank you!

That might be useful to me as I think ZeroTier connects to a server to manage the connection. I’m behind a CG-NAT connection so no public IP at all and no way to forward ports. So this might be an option that I’ll have to eventually check out.

I tried to follow this video, and got as far as being able to ping the MikroTik device (using its LAN address of via ZT from an iPad on cellular, but I can’t see/ping any other devices on my LAN.

If anyone has set this up, some help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!