Mikrotik Dude Server History Disk Space issue

Hi Folks
I am setting up a Mikrotik based network and as part of that i am setting a Mikrotik Dude Server for monitoring. I have currently installed the Dude Server on the Mikrotik CRS328 running RouterOS. But now I am realizing two things

  • Dude server has a database that stores historical values of the various probes
  • Mikrotik CRS 328 has a very miserly 16MB of disk storage.

The problem with this is that Dude server and files have already taken up 11MB of the space and i fear it will run out of space soon. There are 2 main files that are eating up space. One is the DB called dude.db and the other is a temp file called dude.db-wal. The second file takes up about 4MB and the database dude.db is already reached 1.4MB. From the looks of it dude.db-wal size is constant at 4MB the size of dude.db is gradually increasing.

So i have only 4 options

  1. Somehow add additional disk space to Mikrotik CRS328 device
  2. Store the Dude database on a remote server and have dude point to that
  3. Remove Dude server from the Mikrotik CRS328 and load it onto a standalone device like RaspPie 4
  4. Limit the amount of history being stored in the database (for eg: store data only for the past week

I am assuming option 1 and 2 are not possible, That leaves option 3 & 4 . I am not keen on option 3 as that means introducing one more device or VM into an already strained setup.

So question is whether I can do something to implement option 4. Is there any setting to ensure that data older than a week is purged ?

I have not used Dude Server, if no one else here replies might want to try their forums https://forum.mikrotik.com/

#1 is not possible on this model, since it doesn’t have a USB port, SD card slot, etc.
#2 I am not sure about but think unlikely
#3 is not possible because the Dude Server is only built to run on Mikrotik hardware, they stopped providing the server application for self-hosting years ago. The closest possibility would be to use the CHR or x86 versions of RouterOS, which are not free, and run it on x86/x64 hardware, which does not include a Pi as that is ARM.
#4 may be possible, I’m not a Dude expert.

While they build the Dude Server for nearly all of their hardware variants, this is just because that’s Mikrotik’s philosophy - they offer everything including the kitchen sink software-wise, and its up to the user to choose appropriate hardware for how they want to use the software.

Appropriate hardware for The Dude Server is a CHR (which is an x64 image optimized for virtualization), hEX Router (RB750Gr3, has a microSD slot and USB port for adding storage), or RB1100Dx4 (RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition, which comes with a 60GB SATA M.2 and has a second SATA M.2 slot and two 2.5” SATA slots). Both the hEX and RB1100Dx4 has expanded RAM in addition to the storage options.

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