Migrating to XCP-ng for a homelab thoughts

I am looking to migrate my homelab to XCP-ng and wanted to get the communities thoughts.

With this being a homelab, I stand up and destroy vms all the time. My concern is with VMs that have vmtools issues / extra labor like Windows. I would like to install Windows 11 which I’m not sure if it’s possible yet as well as testing out some UEFI booting. I also have a couple of Ubuntu VMs running docker that I would like to simplify.

I have used XCP-ng and Proxmox in the past and enjoyed different features of each. I currently have a 3 node vsphere cluster with a truenas nfs share for the vms.

Thoughts and current users experience would be super useful. @LTS_Tom , you seem like to you would build a lot of temporary VMs for your videos too.

Windows 11 will not work yet, they are still working on TPM2.0. That is, unless I missed an update.

That’s what it seemed like when I asked a few days ago.

They are working on this so it is only a matter of time before they get it built into the software. It is very likely that the next version of Windows Server will require this too, but it might have an approved way of turning it off or detecting a VM and not using it. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve always felt that if you are working in IT or looking to work in IT then try to run the solutions you would likely be supporting. Sometimes there is a small cost, but it is an investment in yourself. If it is just a hobby then it probably doesn’t matter as much.

I don’t really work with anything besides vmware workstation for work so this will primarily be for my homelab. I am currently using VMUG vsphere / esxi but man it’s heavy for a homelab. There are so many things that I don’t use and almost every menu is way more detailed than I need it to be (understand it’s for large scale deployments). I do like how my workstation can just add the vcenter vm and then have access to the whole cluster from my local client.

I liked how XCP-ng and Proxmox both have clean and easy to use web interfaces that do add a million options but a reasonable number that are all generally useful.

You can add the built from sources XO appliance from a command line and it will download and install a VM. Here is the link GitHub - ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater: Xen Orchestra install/update script

I see he also has a Docker image now, might need to check that out.

Does anyone know when the (v)TPM will be available for XCP-NG?
Are there any self-compiled workarounds that do not require Citrix logins or other methods to access (currently still) protected content?

They are working on the TPM and it should be available soon, but I don’t think there is a release date yet.