Migrating from USG to PFSense

I currently have a full Unifi stack for my network but want to move over to PFSense for my router/firewall. My current environment has vlans configured as corporate networks in Unifi for IOT, Guest, Servers, and a network for my daughter. My Unifi controller runs as a VM in VMWare ESXi. The VMWare server is on a trunk port from the 24 port Unifi switch.
I have been researching this migration but I am having trouble getting my head around the steps needed to switch over. I created the vlans in PFSense then created a couple regular vlans and assigned them to a port on the switch in Unifi. When I swap over the connection to the PFSense, nothing works (no internet or local access). What am I missing?

I have a similar setup, unifi switch -> pfSense with the unifi switch port set to β€˜all’. Nothing special on the pfSense, other than making sure there are pass rules on each VLAN on the pfSense, by default there is only an implicit deny rule so everything is blocked.

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As long as the vlan ids match in pfsense and unifi it should work. Also make sure you have everything configured correctly in interfaces on the pfsense.