Migrating from a Netgate appliance to other hardware

I attempted to post this question in the Netgate forums but apparently this question or anything I attempt to post in their forums is marked as spam. And I’m forbidden to make any post.

The SG-3100 is not powerful enough for my needs. And I’m curious if anyone has attempted or successfully migrated from a Netgate appliance to another type of hardware. Using the backup configuration of a Netgate appliance. Either custom built or something like the Protectli products.

The backup and restore works between different systems as long as align the network interfaces to match or you can do a selective restore to the new device.


Yep, just like Tom said. I actually had to do this process last night for an old sg4860 that died. Backup and restore works easily and all the config was great. The only thing you have to check is that the interface / port assignment are configured properly on the new hardware.

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Yeah, I’ve done this across device too, and done this when I changed network cards. It is pretty easy.

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I’ve done this as a “pro-sumer” it’s much easier hardware to hardware. There is very little to it, as Tom says you just need to fix up your assignments.

Doing it from hardware to a virtual environment then getting it all to work was a bit more of a head scratcher. In principle it’s the same procedure, but virtual networks got the better of me for a little while.

I noticed recently that the issue of VLANs in a virtual environment is no longer an issue so it is much smoother.

Good to know, I bought a Protectli so I’m going from HW to HW. But good to know about HW to Virtual.

Which piece of hardware did you go with there?

Since my needs didn’t require six ports. I went with the Protectli Vault 4-port VP2410 with the coreboot bios. I already had an SSD so purchased it with just 8GB of Memory and Coreboot Bios. Ran into a few issues when installing but was able to resolve them. For whatever reason, it doesn’t like USB wireless keyboards. But I figured out a temporary workaround. Protectli does recommend using a wired USB keyboard when installing. Once I got past that issue, I was able to install and configure it normally. I also updated it from the 2.6 CE to pfSense Plus since I was previously using a Netgate SG-3100 with pfSense Plus.