Migrating Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V - Security Pkg. Max Performance in AWS to pfsense

Hi all
The company that i work for wants to reduce costs and I have been asked to look at migrating
from Cisco to pfsense , so need some advise on what pitfalls to look at for durning the migration.

  • I know there is no easy way to move a cisco config to a pfsense config

My plan was to get a output of the cisco config and then brake it down into small managable chunks
i.e interfaces , vlans , routes, dns, firewall rules etc. (and before any one asks, there is no documentation from the previous employes of how they set up the cisco config).

What i need advice on is
a : Is this the right approch.
b: How can i test the new pfsense config without effectiing live production (GNS3?).
c: Willing to document the prcoess for everyone…

We do this a lot, to me it’s just about figuring out what’s in the Cisco: Interfaces, routes, rules, VLANS, VPN, etc… confirming they make sense are or are needed, then putting them in pfsense. I prefer to build & test pfsense in a lab, might work in GNS3, never tried.

Do you know what technologies/protocols you have in prod on the CSRs? You might be using something that isn’t supported on pfSense. I would get that list together first before anything. As far as building a lab environment I would recommend EVE-ng, but GNS3 or even VMware ESXi or Workstation should work.