Migrate Plex server from old Freenas build

I am not real familiar with command line type things and I am hoping someone can help me. I built a freenas system a few years ago just to run plex on. It was intel based. I recently built a whole new machine with a Ryzen 2700x and I also went with bigger hard drives. Plex seems to be running better than before, but I also upgraded to 11.2 and don’t quite understand how to migrate my full library to the new OS. I can log into the legacy UI and again, everything seems okay, however, I can not update the jail and feel as though the best way to take the full benefit of my new machine, I should migrate everything over to the 11.2 setup. Again, I am not very knowledgeable in the whole “shell/command line” side of things. I downloaded a new plex jail on 11.2 and named it “NewFreePlex” and put a few tv shows on it. It seems to work, but I want my whole library on it. I am scared of losing my library. Please help. Thanks in advance


I have not done a migration, but I have loaded a new plex system recently for someone in the same situation.

  1. Loaded new Plex in 11.2 and log in
  2. Mapped video / music / photo storage from FreeNAS to plex
  3. Waited for plex to re-index libraries.

Thank you for your response Tom. I think that is what I did when I created the new plex plugin/jail. I just wasn’t sure if that was the best way to do it. So basically just go into the new instance of Plex and create new libraries pointing to where the files are stored in the server and let it rebuild the library?
After that happens, should it be safe to delete the old plex plugin and jail?

Yup, that should work just fine.
The concept with jails is having the programs live there and the data live outside the jail. The old jail system was using a different platform which is why there are these changes.

Sounds good. Thanks a lot for your help. Would you happen to know why I am unable to update plex on either instance? Could it be related to me running AMD? I have tried following all of the tutorials online, running the script, etc, but I can’t get it to change from 1.14…to 1.16…(something like that)
I was able to do it before running the same instructions, but now it doesn’t seem to work

If you’re running Plex as a Plugin, then any inbuilt updater will fail as they’re typically based on source installs. The only way to update that type of Jail is to go to the Installed Plugins and check for updates there. Plugins don’t get updated instantly, it may take some time depending. I’ve noticed with 11.x, they seem to get faster updates, so our choices are to either wait, or create a jail from source and not use the plugins. Personally, I’ve done both, app depending.