Microsoft Windows 11 and Office365 +Intune, etc. lab

Has anyone been using the free Windows 11 and Office365 lab? It’s a Hyper-V system that you can also pile on Intune, Configuration Manager, etc.

It unzips to a .zpaq file, anyone know what to do with this file to get it to run in a different hypervisor? My hopeful target is XCP-NG and hoping I can get it into a VHD with some tool.

One issue I can see right off the bat is the support for TPM on XCP-ng for windows 11.

OK, PeaZip can extract .zpaq or .*paq files, but it’s a mess of stuff:

Going to take some work to sort through this stuff and maybe (or not) being to get everything converted from VHDX to VHD and running. Most likely going to have to stand up a Windows Server with Hyper-V to get anywhere.