Microsoft 365 local backup

I already have read the old posts for backing up M365 using synology and all. But my organization is very small. I just have 7 users in M365 so can someone suggest me an open source solution or Free solution which I can use to backup my mail box data locally.

Also altogether I want to ask one more question. I am working part time for my school and my contract will end soon. So they have emailed me to take all my belongings from my M365 account.

I was also looking a way where I can take backup of that account.

Veeam is really good at this. You can use this up to 10 users for free.


Will go for it and revert you back soon!!

I had given the permissions according to Permissions for Modern App-Only Authentication - Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Guide

but my concern is that this account is not having an MFA. And also it is getting administrator access. How can I secure it??