Mesh networking

Hi, this relates to the recent YT video here -
Ubiquiti UniFi Configuring Wireless Uplinks For Mesh Networking and Roaming Between Them.

I am using a FireTV stick which gets band steered to 5GHz, but there is barely signal at 5GHz band. I am now wondering if I can use one of my older APs (the original model) to mesh at 2.4GHz only to spread a bit of 2.4GHz love to the utility area of the property, plus potentially the front entrance + back of the property. The house has a lot of concrete columns and 5GHz doesn’t even make it through 2 doors with sufficient strength.

It looks like this should work in theory. However, could this end up interfering with the ability of the UAP-AC-PROs that are dual band?

Appreciate the article and hopefully this post will be helpful for someone else as well when answered :slight_smile:

Not all of the older access points support mesh, but if you put that one close to the FireTV it may pick it up as the strongest signal.

They have a supported list here:

Thanks Tom,

It looks like the original UAP is in the list (2.4GHz only). If it somehow ends up picking up the ‘wrong’ AP, I may add an additional SSID and only publish that on the old UAP, but I hope I can avoid it as we already have a lot of SSIDs and I’ve noticed the CK2+ is already struggling with the load right now (everyone on YT/FB/NetFlix etc).

Hopefully I can find some time to set this up soon and respond back with results!


Quick confirmation - I used 1 UAP and 2 UAP LRs for this. Enabled the right settings etc. Works as well as can be expected, but it takes a little while for the UAPs to show up under ‘wireless’.

One thing that might be helpful to others. I had a fairly old firmware (3.x series) and an upgrade was needed. If you follow the instructions to log in using Putty (I’m on Windows) to the IP and with ubnt/ubnt password (factory reset beforehand). Those devices didn’t want to update following the upgrade https://thelinkfortherightfirmwarefromUIsite approach.
I had to drop it to http (no S) to get the update to stick. Then, they correctly showed up in the Unifi software. It is super easy to do when you have the device to hand and I did power them up on cable until I had the upgrade in place.
Works fine now, although likely I will try toe PowerLine adaptors I have to make it ‘wired’, albeit via a bit of trickery. The wireless bridge I will end up using in the front of the house where adding wiring is not an option with COVID-19 right now.

I like this option as a fall-back. I’m pretty sure the PowerLine 1Mbit adaptors won’t hit much more than what those old devices can handle anyway :slight_smile: