Mediawiki - Design new system

Hi all

I currently use MW for documentation.

Im looking to replace it (as much as I love it) with something where we can populate Documentation using Drop Down menus such as Yes/No or something similar so if we have a Managed client instead of typing Yes/No youd just click a drop down and click it. Just to make things easier going forward.

Plus, we document Device types, So Id like drop-down menus with things like Server,PC,Laptop,Tablet etc that gets assigned to a User. Etc. I’d like it to be web-based.

I don’t think wiki supports this.

My next idea was something like this:

But I’d rather have something I can run alongside my wiki for now whilst it gets built over time, and Self-Hosted open-source preferably.

Anyone know of anything like the above?

Thanks in advance.

It seems you already found your best option, knackhq. Your other option is to roll your own database backend and create a front-end for it to suit your needs.

Problem with knack is the fact the data is on someone else’s ‘cloud’ I don’t think they offer any kind of encryption… I’d like to find an open source something of what they do to self host.

Otherwise im looking at Laravel

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