mDNS not offered on Untangle

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I am in the process of switching from Untangle to pfSense for one major reason: Untangle has Zero support for mDNS (multicasting) between vlans. I need this for home automation. The issue is when I’m on my main Vlan, I’m not able to access any of my Smart devices on the IoT VLAN. pfSense offers the AVAHI plug-in that assists with reaching across VLANs in a controlled way. Lawrence did a great video on this…

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Have you looked at this:

I have seen options like this, This does not look “easy” to do. And Untangle says that it does not support software tampering. Also mentions of this type of altering breaking after an Untangle update. I’ve seen on many requests some over 3 years old asking Untangle to add mDNS yet they still have not.

Most of the stuff I have done outside of the default install has been done with apt install “package name” and then editing the configuration files. I also back them up because you can lose those installed applications on a major update to the OS from Untangle. So far I have Telegraf and a couple of other utilites installed on my Untangle FW and between minor updates they have survived.

I know the pain of losing a configured component after OS updates it happens many times on my RaspberryPi’s and other devices. So it’s up to how much time you have to invest to keep things running.