MDM for Apple BYOD

Hi all,

I have a prospective client who allows some employees to BYOD for their work computer. These are all MacBook devices.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an MDM tool for my MSP to manage these BYOD devices? Or do you have any advice you could give me on how to advise this prospective client? How do you typically handle these situations where there is a Windows domain with mostly PCs but a few BYOD MacBooks?

This is the first time I have had to deal with a BYOD environment.


MS Intune and jamf are probably the best option.


Yep! Agree with FredFerrell
Jamf and Intune,

I’ve used Jamf a lot in the past with schools and works great with BYOD devices. There is a decent community around jamf!

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A coworker uses Munki in the art department on all the desktops, having the public facing server is going to be an issue as well as having employees let you take over their computers. He is scared of Intune, we don’t have anyone that really knows it. We were working on a contract with JAMF, but that fell through with Covid lockdowns, never to be picked up again. JAMF will probably have the best, most seamless control over Mac, even if Microsoft claims they are wonderful. Munki - Software Management for OS X He has a combination of tools and scripts to manage these, kind of a kludge but it works, hence the desire to go JAMF.

My opinion… it’s work and work should provide me with the tools I need, or you have no say over what I bring to do your work and save you the money. Yes I buy a lot of tools to accomplish my work, and if they ever decide to lock me down, there will be a very large equipment request.

Also what kind of security does this client need? If they have data that should never be brought home, then too bad, use the win-boxes. I assume that security isn’t like financial info if they are allowing BYOD, but worth bringing up. If I found out that my bank was letting people BYOD, my money would be out and I’d be calling the news stations. Same with medical.


Thanks everyone for your reply!

We started using Mosyle this year. Relatively good pricing and they support is getting better. They have a free tier to test out. We had no problem currently, besides the fact that is a new territory and some of the functions are just messy. But that comes down to Apple and what they allow or don’t.