Maybe the smallest all M2 NAS?

what SBC board did you use here, also what is the NVME adapter that you used? i am wanting to build one as a portable NAS with 4- 2tb NVME’s and 8-2tb SSD’s in a small 3d printed case. If I can get a pcie adapter to sata for pass thru and then a Pico power brick for the SSD’s. I may decide to us a M-ITX board. but I am wanting to keep the cost and power usage down a lot. I am wanting to try and keep it around 30-40W max.

Interesting, but you better put a heatsink on those SSD. An 8 nvme version would be interesting, but I’d be happy enough if it was inside a short 19 inch rack case. Also note that it must have 10gbps networking, at least a single rj45 or SFP+ for this function. Simply because I have a need for 10gbps for recording video streams (yes plural). Gigabit would only let me have 4 to 5 streams to be on the safe side (roughly 150mbps each stream).

N100 with adapter board :smiley:

It will gradually come true.