Maybe redirect?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not. But here is what I’m looking for:

Customer had a folder on a computer that was shared out on the network for “Shared” files. We installed a new Synology NAS. Migrated the data. Mapped the new network drive shares on each computer.

Great, everything is working, right? Wrong. There are shortcuts every frickin’ place.

What I want is to have that “shared” folder on the original computer still be shared, but automatically redirect without input to the new NAS share. Is this possible?

You can in theory re-share a mapped drive with mklink or DFS on Windows Server editions, but I don’t think it’s worth the hassle - you’re just adding another level of indirection.

First option would simply be to rename the servers in question, so the the new share reads like \\oldserver\share.

Failing that you’re going to have to go through the pains of updating those shortcuts. Consider the use of mapped drive letters, so updating next time around would mean “just” updating the mapped drive locations.

If you’re on a Windows Domain, Group Policy Objects makes managing these sorts of mappings and shortcuts a breeze.

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