Maybe Problem with DNS resolving?


since some days I got a really confusing problem. Because when i start a twitch stream or surfing some websites there are sometimes delays of 2 seconds.
After this i can see the Error Message that there is a DNS timeoout.

So anybody gets the same problem ?

Iam using PFblockerNG/ DNS resolver on the Pfsense with some AD filtering.

Is it possible that my Hardware is not strong enough to resolve the sites? My Hardware is a APU2D4 with about 50 clients.

Thanks a lot for helping me.

What happens if you manually change DNS on the endpoint to or similar?
If you’re using filtering, have you made sure that all the correct URLs have been whitelisted?

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thanks for your reply. Actually iam testing it with another DNS server (pi hole on a Rasperry Pie) and it seems to run smother.

Since yesterday i got no disconnect.

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You could try using this DNS benchmark tool. If one of your local DNS servers has high latency it might give you some insight into where the problems is.

i’ll try it.

But if I set a DNS resolver directly on the PFsense. The DNS Lookup takes palce at my local network - or iam wrong ? Even if a external DNS is failed, there is a local copy (unbound) located on my Hardware ?

Or is there a missunderstanding.


If pfsense does not have the answer cached, it will reach out to whatever DNS server you have configured in the general settings.
Another thing you can do is try to ping the website you are having an issue with. If it returns a private IP that your sink hole in pfblockerng is configured for, you know it is on some block list or another. I use as my up stream and have run into a few sites that they are blocking for malware or whatever.