Mattermost self hosted OSS replacement for Slack

Slack is an ok application but there are better things. I’ve been evaluating Semaphor from Spideroak and Mattermost from Mattermost. If you need file and comm sharing take a look at both each has its strong points. If you want the most control and host yourself then take a serious loo at Matters most. I do not have any affiliation with either company only evaling for comms with clients.

We just deployed Mattermost at my work. Pretty good so far with a couple of minor hiccups, but would recommend it.

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We used RocketChat for about a year and quite liked it. Then we were acquired and the new company uses Office 365 which means we moved to Teams. But anyway - RocketChat is another open source Slack alternative.

We were using slack for a while and we have now moved over to GSUITE Chat. The problems we had with Mattermost and Rocket chat were their phone apps. We use the chat systems on our phones a lot and there were issues with the notification and the apps seemed buggy, They may have fixed the issues as I have not tried in about a year.

Mattermost’s client list is rather impressive. They are not only open source but offer support options for the larger enterprise where support is essential. Curious as to what your glitches were.

I’ll check out RocketChat missed that one.

One of the main issues is if you don’t interact with the desktop client about every 5 minutes or so it shows you as “Away”. We never had this issue with Hipchat or others we’ve used. This is especially an issue for a large part of our office that uses Mac’s with Window’s VMs.

Another issue we found was an RDS server we’re deploying. Mattermost will not allow more than one user signed into the client even if the user is in a “remote” connection.

I’ll try to duplicate the behaviour you mentioned but all users will be on Linux with 1 Mac. Were you able to determine the cause of your issues?

There’s already a ticket opened for user showing “away”, and we’re working with Mattermost to the second issue.

Lot to consider with the ticket you referenced, thanks for the info.