Marking Drops During Buildout

My organization is constructing a new building, and the IT department (my team) has been asked to assist with pulling the ethernet drops in order to save costs. We are pulling two ethernet cables from the planned IT closet to single gang boxes placed throughout the structure. My question: What is a great way to mark these cables to ease the process of terminating them later? A basic method would be to use tape and a Sharpie mark numbers at both ends. Is there something better? What do the pros do?

  1. Print labels
  2. Fix them to the wire at the start of pull
  3. pull wire to destination
  4. cut wire at the box and put on label on end.

@LTS_Tom way is the professional way. But there have been many times where I have just written the numbers on the lines with a Sharpie, helps to have a new one with a sharp Tip and steady hand.