Mark a network as metered?

Are there a way to announce a wifi-network (or ethernet) as metered from the accesspoint/router that works on “all” devices?

I am aware that setting up an wifi-hotspot on android will tell other android devices connection that it is metered, but it would be great telling also windows and apple-devices that this network is metered and should not be used for updates etc.

Setting this on client-devices is not a great option if you put up a 4G-router for more than your own devices.

what type of access points do you have?

Right now i’m using unifi accesspoints.

I don’t think this matters, as what I’m really interested in is how to possibly do this on any kind of equipment.

For telling android-devices that the connection is metered, you can set DHCP option 43 to “ANDROID_METERED” - what about other devices like iOS and Windows?

Looks like IOS doesn’t support it:

they only have “Low Data Mode” but the end users needs to enable it.

Windows looks the same :confused: