Managing passwords for internal team

Hello everyone,

I launched my own MSP business back in 2023, and while we’re still in the early stages with few clients, I’m encountering some challenges managing internal credentials. Could someone recommend a cost-effective password manager that’s user-friendly and compatible across all platforms?

Our current team consists of five members, and primarily, I need a solution to securely share credentials among us.

Additionally, for my other small business where I handle all the IT responsibilities, I’m seeking a password or credential manager with centralized control. I envision a solution where my employees can easily manage their passwords through a browser extension, allowing them convenient access from any device.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations or insights.

We use Bitwarden for our MSP

I’ll second Bitwarden or Vaultwarden if you want to self-host and take responsibility for the task (credentials are obviously more sensitive than most services).

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Bitwarden here too. Self-hosting it is fine if you have the staff and the willpower to keep up with managing it, otherwise I recommend using the official hosting option.

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Is there a way where I can self host it and then enable a cloud backup for main server or main user where all the passwords backup is saved on cloud. Thanks in advance

I just back up the entire virtual machine. Then you can store that back up whenever you like.

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I had found something that suited by budget and also it is saved on cloud. For my personal use I was using it from years and then just check their website and their offerings were matching what I need. If anyone want they can take a look.