Managed Services Agreement Template

Here is a link to a generic agreement that you can use as a template to create your services offering. I keep the agreement simple as making a confusing document that is difficult for your clients to understand does not help you in the long run.

If you are looking for a more in depth free guide, Connectwise has one that you can get here


Just a heads up, clicking the link just opens to template/ not the actual link.

Copy and pasting works. So, not a huge issues, lol!

Thanks for the materials!!

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Thanks and I fixed the link!

Thanks Tom , Thanks a bunch , it has come at the right time !!! :heart::+1:

Thank you for this =]

Thank you for this.
Looks like we were going way to complicated in our agreement so this will help very much.

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Thanks for this Tom, the contract I was looking at was much more of a general support contract - about 10 pages long - full of legal terms - this just makes it simple …

Great share, I am sure many people will benefit. Would be interesting to see an example of what you do charge, I understand this works for you, not sure how many MSP contracts you have.

Most of our MSP contracts are AYCE. We don’t generally work by the 15m and charge, unless it’s for something not normally covered, our managed clients have an issue, we’re there until it’s resolved.