MalwareBytes alternative

I love MalwareBytes, as a product, and their software seems to be able to find and rectify malware issues that others I’ve used can’t while also being fairly resource conservative. However, their management of the large deployments has become abysmal.

Quick question: What does everyone recommend for anti-virus/anti-malware that isn’t bloated, but also allows for a cloud-based, unified client management console and a resale model that communicates with the MSP (and doesn’t communicate directly with the client for marketing purposes and trying to sell out from under you)?

Long story (should you care to read it if anyone else has a similar experience):

It was bad enough when they stopped using distribution and went to a direct purchase model and had zero ways for me to track what invoices were even open with them (I already had my own system for tracking license expirations for clients), but now, they’ve created this OneView system which was supposed to be the answer to MSP problems. It’s supposed to be a unified console where I can see all my clients, assign licenses, monitor their status, give clients their own login to monitor only their account information, a unified invoice system where I can tell what I’ve paid and also purchase more licenses to resell, etc. It all looks great, but is functionally impossible to use and there’s no answers anywhere. Migration from individual accounts over to OneView is completely manual, at this point, and requires complete removal of all software and somehow to cancel their existing account in order to move them over to OneView, yet there’s no documentation which tells anyone how to do that. They have this stupid MalwareBytes Academy that has a bunch of videos which tell you nothing at all new and their e-mail support is equally abysmal with no one in particular getting back to you and with no answers except “we’re working on that, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for that, and please use the academy, etc.”. It’s been, literally, months and I’m getting nowhere with them. I wish I could continue using them, but I don’t see how this is possible. Any suggestions?

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This is why we use SolarWinds, managing everything separately is time consuming and time is money.

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I used webroot very briefly but it seems to be well liked in most community and has a management console.

Solorwinds is worth the cost if you are managing a lot of customers but if you only want antivirus Solorwinds antivirus is based on bit defender and I believe they have their own management console as well.

Thanks, I may look more seriously into Solar Winds. I never really cared for WebRoot’s interface and it seemed over zealous with false positives, but that was several years ago.