Make TrueNAS Scale Apps externally accessible on all interfaces?

Hi. I’m running TrueNAS scale dragonfish. The TrueNAS box has two interfaces on different LANs. If relevant, one of the interfaces has a statically configured IP address, and the other gets its address from DHCP, but according to a fixed table, based on MAC address. I installed MinIO as an application (from the “charts” train in the default registry). It seems to be accessible from one LAN, but not from the other. The LAN from which it’s reachable is the one with a static IP, which is also the first one that was configured. I don’t know if the static vs DHCP issue is related at all, but I would prefer not to have to change the current networking configuration, I’d just like to be able to access MinIO from either network.

Does anybody know how I could fix this? I don’t know anything about kubernetes, which I gather is being used to handle the routing from the host to the container…

When you are in the “Apps” and got to settings and under advanced even though it defaults to it does not seem to bind to all IP’s in Dragonfish. Not sure when or if it will in the future.

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Ah I see. So then there’s actually no way to make apps accessible on all interfaces? I could set up my second IP as static and choose that, but I can’t actually have both?

I am not aware of a way to do it.

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Thanks, Tom. Annoying, but good to know.

…I was using TrueNAS because I was hoping it would be easier than setting everything up myself…

There are always compromises when an “Appliance” solution bundles all that functionality in a system.

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