Magic packet over different VLANS

Hi everybody :wave:

I have a UDM, an LG OLED tv with LG WEB OS and a Mac mini with HomeBridge installed on it. The TV and the MacMini are located on different VLANS.

I added “Homebridge-Webos-Tv” plugin to HomeBridge and it is working on my Homekit iPhone app. The only problem is that I can’t turn on the TV :slightly_frowning_face:

Looking around online, I saw some mentions about “Magic Packet” that needs to be sent to the TV, but I have no idea how to even check that it exists or working.

I have done all the troubleshooting I could find, and right now my only conclusion is that the MacMini and the TV being on different VLANS.

Can anyone help with that? Any help would be grateful :slight_smile:

A useful link I believe:

I would check if it uses Bonjour as a protocol to talk between them. You might need to allow that traffic.

Check out this link for some help.

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