Mac OS in Virtualbox

Not the best forum maybe but does anyone know it it is possible to make a VM in virtualbox or vmware player etc with Mac OS in it? and get USB to pass trough.
preferably on a windows computer but linux is a possibility to.

Hmm I just curious where you get the Mac OS image?

i do not know that eather :stuck_out_tongue: yet. if it is possible haha.

It’s more than likely possible however I’m betting you’d have to visit the Hackintosh forums to see where they get their images from.

I did it about 6 years ago on VMware Workstation. It wasn’t too bad to get up and running, although had a few minor issues, but I can’t remember what. At the time the hackintosh forums were a great resource. I now run an old version in VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro for programs that don’t support 64bit, but of course that’s cheating slightly :slight_smile:

You get the image from the mac store (its free except server version) unless you have an older version on cd/dvd. Alternatively you can buy a el cheapo mac, wipe it, download the os from the bios through the internet and also copy the image that way.