LTE Windows Laptop Firewall


A windows laptop with a Verizon SIM Card built in, its only firewall is the Windows firewall?

If yes, is it secure?

Should I rather turn on SentinelOne firewall on it?

It’s a client’s managed laptop.

Windows firewall should be fine but S1 would be much better as it’s much more than just a firewall.

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In general, would you recommend to use the S1 firewall on any device that have S1 installed?

I think it’s disabled by default

Yes, that would make sense.

That depends on whether you need the addidional features S1 is providing. Otherwise set the Windows Firewall to “public” and it should block all incoming connections.

Also, mobile carriers usually already do NAT on their mobile connections, so you’re not actually exposing your laptop directly to the internet. You can check that by looking at the IP address you’re getting from Verizon and compare it with e.g. The IP on your laptop is probably in a private IP range, usually in the range which is defined by RFC659 for Carrier Grade NAT, while the online lookup on will show you a different IP address.

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