LTE modem/router options

I have client who is interested in installing cameras on a couple of multi tenant buildings that he owns. The problem I’m trying to solve is internet to remotely view the cameras and update the NVR and switches. I see three options:

  1. convince one of his tenants to use their internet
  2. pay for his own at $70-130/mo depending on if he can go residential or has to get business class
  3. use a LTE modem

Does anyone have experience with LTE solutions? I’m anticipating low monthly data usage since it will only be FW updates and the occasional checking of a camera feed. So pay for what you use would be nice. I’m also open to other ideas.

1 > Never gonna happen, as he’ll want it for free.

2 > He owns multiple buildings, paying for ‘security’ shouldn’t be an issue for him.

3 > I wouldn’t use it. It may work, unless the cell tower goes down, or someone uses a signal blocker. Plus now your working with a cellphone carrier, ugh.

I’m a bit jaded, most building owners of such buildings, are often cheap and unwilling to make anything right with the place, yet expect tenants to own up each month irregardless.

We do this type of work and we find that using an ISP is generally the lease expensive option, or at least it is in our area.