Lots of Great New Changes And Features in UnFi 6.5.53 Controller Update! [YouTube Release]

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:stopwatch: Timestamps :stopwatch:
00:00 UniFi Network Application 6.5.53
02:55 UniFi Controller Changelog
03:42 UniFi Device Adoption Fixes
04:28 Backup Fixes
06:09 UniFi Device Firmware Updates
07:37 Lock Client to Specific AP
08:22 Updated Topology Layout
10:01 New UI Devices Page
11:37 New UI Clients Page
12:31 New UI Lock Client to Specific AP
14:24 New UI VS Old UI Networks & VLAN Settings
15:33 Should You Update?

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High level question how does lock to access point actually work? Does it just reject the connection except to the ap desired?

I thought the client controlled the connection is why I ask.

The other AP’s won’t allow the connection.

The lock to AP is the best feature I have been waiting for. Too many times IoT devices don’t have good Wireless stack and it will always stick to the AP it was setup on vs. the one closest to the device. I had to kludge the settings in AP’s by making a unique SSID per AP/network type. This morning I went to one IoT SSID and used lock on about 30 devices and so far so good.