Lost Ring after Avahi install

I installed Avahi as per your “Rules for IoT devices with mDNS” video and everything IoT seems to work except for my two Ring doorbells. When I stop Avahi in the pfsense dashboard the video doorbells work again.

Please let me know what needs to be done to get the Rings to work with Avahi.

LTS videos rock!


Not an issues I have had before and I have never used Ring to know what setting can be changed on it.

Ring pretty much = video spyware at this point. Not in my house! Did you turn off the Sidewalk “option”?

So, Snort was blocking the Ring DNS queries. My problem had nothing to do with Avahi.

Basically I located the AWS IP’s in the Snort blocklist and then added all 20 IP’s to the passlist.