Lost network access to TrueNAS ssh and web gui after trying to add network bridge for Windows VM SMB access

So, I was messing around last night trying to get the windows VM on scale to see the SMB share on the same machine inside truenas. I understand it has something to do with how linux VMs work with KVM? Not sure what I was doing, but I think I lost connection when I was checking and unchecking the DHCP box on both the bridge and the network adapter. So now I can’t access the machine from GUI or SSH. Will I be able to fix this when I can get back to the machine after work when I can hook up the monitor, keyboard, and mouse? Not sure how I will even do that as im kinda new to linux in general, but I can follow steps and make sense of them.

First the issue is not a KVM/Linux problem but an issue with the way the TrueNAS scale tech chose to set it up not allowing the VM to see the host. I do not agree with their design choice on that because of this issue.

As for fixing it, yes once you get to the console there is an option to setup the network from there.

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Thanks so much, Tom. Haven’t had tine to get to the console yet, so it makes me feel good knowing I can easily fix it when I have time. Is there a guide on how to set up the bridge correctly?

I don’t have a guide myself, but my friend Wendell form Level1Techs does:

Hey Tom! Just got it up and running and got the SMB to show in windows! Thank you.

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