Lost internet connection from ISP and pfsense/network stopped working

So any time that I lose internet connection, whether it be service outage, power outage, etc…), I lose all network functionality at home. I have pfSense running to Unifi switches. I can’t use Plex, I can’t get to local network drives, or even get to my security cameras. I imagine I’ve got a setting incorrect so just looking for somewhere to start. I have power at this moment, but can simulate by unplugging the cable modem if need be.

I don’t think the internet has anything to do with it. So if you unplug the WAN port on your pfsense do you have the issues?

In the legacy UniFi UI there is an option to turn off “Uplink Connectivity Monitor” and I think disabling that will allow the WiFi to continue broadcasting when the WAN goes down.