Looking to get into scripting and or programing

I’m looking to get into automatizing of some of my tasks and don’t know what tool i should be using. The big two are bash or python or should I look into something like rust? I would someday like to take this into writing my own app or helping fix bugs. Any pitfalls that a new person would run into aka this bash script should have been done this other way? Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

Depends on what you are trying to automate. You can for sure automate tasks in python and bash but other automation tools like ansible might be a better fit.

I automate every chance I get because I really don’t like doing things repetitively and I like consistency.

Learning python to leverage Ansible is where I would start. Ansible as a controller can “speak” to many different technologies such as Windows/Linux, network technologies such as Palo Alto. Cisco, Fortinet, F5 and the list goes on. PowerShell has a bunch of different modules you can integrate as well for many of the same technologies.

Any things to look out for aka noob mistakes?

Don’t practice on production environments. :smile:

If it wasnt my lab i would say… Awwww i can’t take down the hole network for mistyping a command. HEHEHE

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ChatGPT is also an interesting tool to utilize for helping with writing and optimizing scripts and code. It’s not perfect, but worth a look.