Looking to Buy a Number of Netgear Devices for our Office

Hello - I hope this question finds everyone well!

I need to install new firewall/routers in all of our office locations. Most office locations will connect to each other and to the Internet via single 8GB fibre link. With that said, without thinking about the Firewall Processing Speeds, I was hoping to install either the Netgear 6100 or the Netgear 8200. I would like to put the same firewall/router in every office for simplicity and organization purposes. After looking at the max input/output of firewall, it looks like it’s only 2.73 Gbps on the 6100. That’s not going to work too well with a 8.0Gbps fiber source. So that made me look to the 8200. The 8200 only has a firewall input/output speed of 5.1 Gbps. Again - that doesn’t help me very well. Now, when I look more detailed at the 8200, it says it would ship with “2 X 10 Gbps (SFP+)”. If I’m understanding this correctly, if we can connect an 8.0 or 10.0 Gbps fiber Internet connection, we are never going to get anything beyond 2.7Gbps or 5.1Gbps, respectively, on the 6100 or 8200… Am I correct on that? If I am correct on that, to me, it would indicate to me that my only real option is to install Netgate 1537 at minimum. Not what I was looking to do, as I wanted a number of port/port options on the appliance. I don’t have a hole lot on the Netgate 1537.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or as I’ve indicated here, I’m just at the point that I’m at and the 1537 is my only options…

Any help and assistance is MUCH APPRECIATED - THANK YOU in advanced!

It looks like you’re talking about the VPN speeds?

Thank you for your reply. You know, I went back to the page I was looking at on Netgates website. I was trying to see if I did mix-up the Firewall processing speeds with the VPN speeds. What I’ve noticed is Netgates has conflicting information on the one page. The values on one page are as I listed them above. When I go to the comparison page, the firewall processing speeds are 8.61 Gbps and over 9 Gbps for 8200. I think I’m actually going to be okay with the original purchase plans I had. It boils down to Netgate having different values on different pages for their hardware. I should probably drpo them an e-mial.

Thanks again for your help!

Yes, they have the L3 forwarding speeds and also have speeds that are lower most likely referring to their VPN speeds.