Looking for processs of reflashing Firewalla gold to pfsense

Has anyone reflashed the Firewalla Gold to be a pfsense box? If so, what’s the process? Any issues? How does it perform?

P.S. I have a firewalla gold. Not using it. It was not peforming well for me. I want to reuse hardware if possible vs. spending more money on another box like Protectli.

It looks like it just has an SSD, swap it out with a spare and trying booting from a USB with pfSense on it.

Is that a tested method or is it an assumption. Looking for someone that has done it and what their process was.

I don’t have that box but it doesn’t look difficult. If it doesn’t work replace the original SSD.

Found this post where it says the 32GB is an embedded drive, not sure how you can install an OS to this drive, kind of depends on whether they locked it off or any OS installer can see it. There does seem to be an m.2 slot for a drive, not sure if you can add a second drive and force it to boot from this m.2 drive.

Since you have it sitting there, might be worth a try. If I found one cheap enough I might buy one to fool with, but with what I just said, it would need to be cheap enough to risk failure.