Looking for PC cases with lots of 5,25 bays

Finally saved up some cash to replace the current over-crammed case of the machine running truenas but i kinda hit a brick wall. I use icydock backplanes so i need lots of 5.25 bays, the 1st viable option i stumbled upon is the Anidees AI Raider XL. Problem is i cant find it locally in the EU, if i order it from amazon.com after paying for taxes and shipping it would cost me 500+€. Not enticing to say the least.
Im still looking via google but so far all of the options were only available in some shop in the USA and the case is not available here :confused: .

Could someone recommend me a good case with lots of 5.25 bays and plenty of internal volume? Current case is a aerocool RS9 and the system outgrown it to put it mildly:

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Maybe the Inter-Tech Y-5508 suits your needs.

It is certainly an option, not that much bigger than the current one though (~8cm deeper).

Aerocool RS9 dimensions(WxDxH):